sabato 19 giugno 2010

Tattoo's ideas

Yeah that's right, when i will be 18 years old or older i am going to do a tattoo!
On the right arm!
Obstacles that are blocking me are 1) my parent's opinion who think that i could be a punk o_o 2) i'm a little bit scared of needles so maybe i will first do a hennè tattoo which go away in few weeks (i also use it to notice if the tattoo on me is good) 3) the price 'cause with all my ideas and colours it will costs very much!

Ok for now here's my ideas : i would like two cupcakes and in the middle a little rainbow like in the photo, then one of the skull in the picture and maybe a japanese symbol (of the dragon or the love) and the purple butterfly on the top of this post ^^

Do you like my ideas? :-o

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