sabato 19 giugno 2010


It's a very cool book!
There are lots of wonderful and colorful pictures.
The cover it was also used in the song Invincible from Muse, yes, Muse are my fourth favourite band and i listen to them from the arrive of Black Holes And Revelations : i'm not like the stupid girls of now which say that they love them and then they only got ONE fucking song ( like Supermassive or Neutron Star Collision...) which ARE USED IN THE TWILIGHT SAGA ( A SHITTY MOVIE!!!) I HATE IT! I HATE IT!!!!

Anyway i love this book and here are some pictures in it that i liked the most ^^ enjoy!

Tattoo's ideas

Yeah that's right, when i will be 18 years old or older i am going to do a tattoo!
On the right arm!
Obstacles that are blocking me are 1) my parent's opinion who think that i could be a punk o_o 2) i'm a little bit scared of needles so maybe i will first do a hennè tattoo which go away in few weeks (i also use it to notice if the tattoo on me is good) 3) the price 'cause with all my ideas and colours it will costs very much!

Ok for now here's my ideas : i would like two cupcakes and in the middle a little rainbow like in the photo, then one of the skull in the picture and maybe a japanese symbol (of the dragon or the love) and the purple butterfly on the top of this post ^^

Do you like my ideas? :-o

Let's VOMIT A Rainbow! :-D

I have got rainbow gloves,rainbow pins,rainbow earrings,rainbow necklace,rainbow socks and soon i'm going to have a RAINBOW DRESS!


Hi everyone! I'm Beatrix, Bea for friends or B.E.A.B.J.
which means
Beatiful as a doll
rtistic and Fanciful
But NOT a stupid emo/slut/bride
Jack and Converse lover!

Well Jack is for Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas, my fave director is Tim Burton : i love most of his movies.
I'm italian so don't bother if i can't speak English very well anyway i'm 15 now and i'm studying at artistic high school ^^
i wanna be a designer and i love punk,retro,hippie,rock n roll styles; i'm a kitsh person which means that i'm a bizzarre girl, i have got many collections like a pins collection or a straws collection ^.^ i'm a redhead and i can be aggressive but also sweet : i have a boyfriend who is very cute and adorable, his name is jonnhy and our relationship is of 5/6 months.
Well most of the things i love will be discovered in coming posts *-*