sabato 19 giugno 2010


Hi everyone! I'm Beatrix, Bea for friends or B.E.A.B.J.
which means
Beatiful as a doll
rtistic and Fanciful
But NOT a stupid emo/slut/bride
Jack and Converse lover!

Well Jack is for Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas, my fave director is Tim Burton : i love most of his movies.
I'm italian so don't bother if i can't speak English very well anyway i'm 15 now and i'm studying at artistic high school ^^
i wanna be a designer and i love punk,retro,hippie,rock n roll styles; i'm a kitsh person which means that i'm a bizzarre girl, i have got many collections like a pins collection or a straws collection ^.^ i'm a redhead and i can be aggressive but also sweet : i have a boyfriend who is very cute and adorable, his name is jonnhy and our relationship is of 5/6 months.
Well most of the things i love will be discovered in coming posts *-*

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